The PatentOne Team has been composed to cover all bases through an interdisciplinary Business setup. The Managment Team includes all essential skills to sucessfully operate in IP Areana. Over and Above, The Core Team Draws Extensive Support from Domain Expert.


Gargi | PatentOne IP | Patent Drafting | Patent Filing | Patent Search | India
Gargi Phadatare
PatentOne IP Servics India.

A registered patent agent in India having skills of Drafting, Filing, Docketing and Prosecuting Patent applications in various jurisdictions and Conducting Searches – Novelty, Patentability, FTO, Invalidity and Landscape analysis. The key sectors of practice include mechanical, automobile, automotive, electrical, electro-mechanical, instrumentation, electronics, computers, and other system and/or process patents.

Dhara | PatentOne IP Services | Patent Drafting | Patent Filing | Patent Search | India
Dhara , Partner
PatentOne IP Services USA

Dhara is pharmacy graduate. At PatentOne she is responsible for projects & resource allocation & Timely completion of Project with Finest quality. She exhibited exceptional administrative & Resource Management skills at PatentOne. She is part of Core team from day one. She has a keen interest in Performing Arts. Currently Posted at PatenOne USA.

Kandarp |PatentOne IP Services | Patent Drafting | Patent Filing | Patent Search | India
Kandarp Partner,
PatentOne IP Services, USA

Kandarp is engineering technology enthusiast, who worked with top-notch manufacturing companies, helped companies by successfully implementing advance technologies with limited /available resources through lean management & six sigma techniques. He has a special interest in Fostering entrepreneurship through protecting their invention by providing IP solution. He enjoys Playing Cricket. Currently posted at Patent One USA.

Nitin | PatentOne IP Services | Patent Drafting | Patent Filing | Patent Search | India
Nitin ,
HOD Computer & IT
PatentOne IP Services,

Nitin has vast experience in Software development & Software Customization solutions for various industries, Namely Manufacturing, Project Management, Medical Device manufacturer, Cloud Computing, Industrial Designing. He developed multiple customized software product like product selection software, Data Base management Software, Automated Mechanical Drawing Generation Software. He enjoys playing games on PlayStation. Currently Posted at PatenOne India

& Team of World class Certified Techno Legal professionals & Patent Agents to handle the wide gamut of projects @ PatentOne India.